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Whores. Gangsters. Politicians - Marvellous! !- by Simon Reader

One of the things that someone called me recently was 'a stupid white person'.

It does not take a degree in applied physics to realize that the recent gruesome slaying of nine young men in gay massage parlor in Sea Point was either a gang thing or a drug thing. It is a well known fact that gay men have a propensity toward substance abuse, particularly in the Sea Point area. The 28's gang, perhaps one of the most infamous in the world, have settled in Sea Point over the past few years, changing the scenery from elderly, wealthy Jewish couples walking along the promenade with a few Maltese poodles to a suburb absent from police patrol and seeming with drug dealing West Africans.

How the area has changed is remarkable. How it has been allowed to change is extraordinary; I'm afraid the fingers of blame point straight toward our ineffective politicians.

Andrew Kenny recently defined the modern racist of both colors: 'A white racist is someone who believes that white civilization is superior to black civilization, and is happy about it. A black racist is someone who believes that white civilization is superior to black civilization, as is absolutely furious about it.' How well Sam Nujoma, Thabo Mbeki and Robert Mugabe fit that definition is beyond me. They all love teas and cucumber sandwiches, Thomas Pink and Churches, Ford and Volvo, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and foreign conferences in Holland. There, Thabo Mbeki is the life and soul of the party, hugging his friends in Newspaper Magnate Tony O'Reilly and Michael Cookson. When you put him in the FNB Stadium outside Soweto, however, he looks very uncomfortable. There he will gladly criticize the Democratic Alliance or anything he does not like - most of which host Modern Western Principles. Sadly, Mugabe's attitude has floated south and infected him.

Take Sport Minister Ngconde Balfour and Health Minister Manto Shabalala - Msimang. The former 'loves games', as I have mentioned once before. He is meant to be in a colorless position - one that should avoid political detail. This is not the case at all; the truth of the matter, regardless of what he says, exists in his mind - his dissatisfaction with the reality that there are more talented white cricket players than there are black. Currently - and for various reasons out of his control. This infuriates him; this is why he says what he says. The latter is blatantly racist. She is Andrew Kenny's model from tip to toe; she cannot accept the truth that medical sophistication is the result of Western scientists, doctors and researchers. It has nothing black about it - nothing African for that matter. This is the reason why the government refuses to provide free anti retroviral medication. And when the world throws it arms up against the vitriolic arms deal - she has the audacity to suggest that 'we need to arm ourselves against George W. Bush.' Or states that HIV / Aids is the result of some galactic movements ordered by the Illuminati whose mission is to remove a subhuman species (blacks, in her words). Basically, if she were to be believed, you stand more chance of contracting HIV / Aids by being raped by an alien than through promiscuous sexual activity.

You see whilst all this crap is going on, suburbs are torn apart by illegal immigrants, gangs rape helpless teenage girls and nine innocent gay prostitutes are executed for absolutely nothing.

Our politicians are ineffective because they caught in a permanent game of identity. The arms deal was structured with some of the most disgusting people on earth (Chippy Shaik, Indurain Massol etc), purely to boost our status as an international power force, like America or Britain or France. What use have we got for these weapons? George W. Bush probably has more friends in Sandhurst and Bishopscourt and Constantia than he has in anywhere in the world. He is not going to invade us that I promise you.

That's like saying that Heinz Winkler will win a Grammy.

Their attitude is as follows, 'If I can dress like an English gent, drive like a Italian racing champion, speak like the Queen and shout orders like a megalomaniac, why can I not be?' That is the fundamental issue. They do like white success, but they feel that black success in inferior, once again, due to reasons out of their control. Thabo Mbeki's perfect South Africa consists of a 'empty-whites' place, void of the people but not their achievements. Their businesses, their hospitals, their roads and town planners. That is impossible, to say the very least. So how does he go about expressing this? Well, it's simple really. Zimbabwe scares white people, so he does little about condemning Mugabe. He knows that if he supports Mugabe, which I'm sure he'd really like to do, the world will crush him. So he adopts 'quiet diplomacy', another word for silent support. He wins because he gives his own people a sense of insecurity, regardless of whether the person he supports is a despotic, murderous lunatic. Sadly, this is what makes all our qualified specialists leave. When the Romans left Britain, the British adopted their principles in order to maintain a sound societal structure. Of course, when they left, some of their finer customs disappeared with them - such as bathing. According to Winston Churchill, no one in England had a bath between AD400 - 1500. Will history repeat itself if the whites are forced out of this country? Whatta question.

What I'm about to say must not be mistaken or misinterpreted or misconceived as support or admiration.

I'd prefer Robert von Palace Kolbatschenko in my leadership. In case you're wondering, the man I'm referring to is commonly regarded as Vito Palazzolo, number 7 on the FBI's most wanted list, number 3 on Interpol and number 2 in Italy. He's allegedly number 2 in the Sicilian Mafia, has spent many years in the chink, has houses around the world and is generally considered as Cape Town's Godfather. He allegedly controls the drug trade, smuggles diamonds, guns and has a protection racket the size of a Zimbabwean food order. He has allegedly killed people before, lots of them, including Italian Judge Falcone, where all his trouble started. He is your quintessential gangster; buckets of cash, clothes, cars and homes and a wonderful reputation amongst those who don't know him as a philanthropist, farmer and businessman.

That's how bad our leadership is at present. That I would choose this charming juggler to replace Thabo Mbeki or Essop Pahad or Ncgonde Balfour or Manto Tshabalala - Msimang. But then again, I'd choose anyone who knew what they were, not what they wanted to live or be seen as. Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Finland are successful because their leaders concentrate on their own rather than nurture aspiring identities. They encourage sound education and social development, the latter a problem in South Africa as our deputy minister has just been nabbed for corruption (of course he blames racism - what else do black politicians do when they are found guilty?).

Meanwhile, the sight of Sea Point continues to disturb anyone who passes through. I can guarantee you that whilst the previous government was in charge, those dealing faces that approach your car at red robots were stuck behind electric border fences, or frying upon them. I would not be surprised to hear that the massacre was the result of apartheid, as was our recent fantastic road record during the Christmas season. You see, in everything that is now said, one minor criticism of the ANC would leave you branded a racist. If you were to say, 'God Lord, I really need burglar bars,' you would be suggesting that black people were the cause of your need - a secret message of motives which spell all black people are burglars, ultimately placing you back in the 80's and therefore, you're a racist. That's how Thabo Mbeki deals with critics. regardless. 'President Mbeki, your golf swing is not what it should be.' 'Shut up you racist. You are implying that black people cannot play golf. I'm charging you.' Contentious, irresponsible and utterly pathetic.

The Afrikaners, although unfairly with the framework of apartheid, set a good example for leadership - most still do. Perhaps the best example exists in the form of my previous Political Science lecturers at The University of Stellenbosch. Here are a bunch of men, as embracing of the African culture as they are of their own. They speak Afrikaans, teach in Afrikaans, eat boerewors and Afrikaans curry. They send their children to Afrikaans universities. They read Breyton Breytonbach and C. Louis Leipoldt. They smoke pipes and drink Klipdrift, along with wines from all the famed Stellenbosch estates. They ride bicycles to and from work, admire businessmen such as Dr. Anton Rupert and Christo Wiese and pray at the N.G. Kerk. They are so richly entrenched in the culture that all else seems insignificant. Yet it's not. They understand the importance of change and developing people's minds to accept inconsistent political will. An ANC commentator recently had the audacity to suggest that the recent bombs in Soweto 'must have been connected to Afrikaner cultural groups'. Never, never, even in 17 volumes of Barbara Cartland novels, will you hear more shit spoken. The fact is that the blasts were the work of small right wing groups, extreme right wing groups, the equivalent of a ten man strong bunch of fascists - no different to that of any minor deluded group operating out of most countries, was completely overlooked. Yet the publicity generated surrounding the blasts and right wing groups would suggest that they are about to stage a coup - something Mbeki uses to illustrate false concern (a cynic would suggest the word 'hatred' here).

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my former professor's daughters. His name is Hermann Giliomee, a brilliant man who this pathetic ANC spokesperson blamed in connection with the blasts. He is passionately involved in Afrikaner Cultural Enhancement, making sure that Afrikaner generations know who they are, what they eat, drink and learn. Giving them history, giving them choices. Even at that wedding, one could see their divine belonging. They are frighteningly close to being South Africa's supreme culture.

In March 1998, he was holding a special lecture at Stellenbosch. Quite what the word 'special' implied was only to be found later. He walked into the hall, stated that he had five minutes before he was due at UCT and that just wanted to illustrate a point. He walked up to the white board, took out a marker and scribbled two figures - 75 and 25. He placed percentage signs on both. 'What percentage do white people represent in South Africa?' Easy 25. 'Okay, what percentage do black people represent?' Again, easy - 75. 'Okay, what percentage of our TAXES PAYED do you think the black people represent?' There was an incredible silence. 'Exactly, now, I ask you, which percentage of the population should have a greater presence in government than they do?' With that, he walked out. Noel Ignatiev, that gangster Harvard professor who wants to 'abolish the white race' spends years and courses and modules trying to run around what Hermann Giliomee demonstrated in two minutes on a white board. That he was implicated in the bombings is so, so pathetic; people who harbor real racism use such instances to bring their inhibitions to the surface. There comes a time when they forget they are even doing it.

The point is that we are losing a battle against a group of people who hate what they are, as Andrew Kelly states. No progress in terms of social development will ever be possible if the powers that be cannot get over the given. Instead of accepting it, they'll use issues like racism and Zimbabwe to fight it. Sea Point, Hillbrow, the Fairhead murders, taxi violence, farm killings, drugs, gangs, rape, prostitution and bouncer wars will continue until the ANC starts addressing priorities. There must come a time when that photograph of Highgrove House needs to be removed from Thabo Mbeki's wall and replaced with one of Shell House or something African - because it is what he has and not something he cannot get. But he won't. Because power has become an even bigger issue, our government believes that it is their job to right apparent futile injustices overnight. They passionately believe that Rome was built in one day. With the focus upon power and authority, they have lost track of reality. South Africa will not be righted for a long, long time. And whilst they should be placing basic sanitation into rural areas, they are buying arms? And whilst they should be educating people about criminals like Idi Amin, Sam Nujoma, Mobuto Sese Seko and 'Brother Leader' Gaddafi, they are supporting Mugabe? It just doesn't fucking make sense.

On a lighter note, that 'Swerve' puzzler from Big Brother 1 continues to baffle the crap out of me. Is he a gangster? He looks like one…is he a politician? He talks like one (runs himself in circles)…what is he? When you hear the words, 'Listen I don't care if I'm not on the guest list, I was on Big Brother 1', you come into understanding. He's actually a publicity whore, in the same way that Cherie Blair is a crook whore (the former will probably make a lot more money going into the world's oldest profession - as most would not touch Cherie Blair - even if you gave them Gibraltar). Swerve was interviewed the other day about sport, something that, judging by his bowling action, he knows positively fuck all about. In fact, the only person who probably he knows less about sport is our Sport Minister. He stated that polo was the most confusing sport…hmmm. He then stated that sport was overrated.

Why? A question we'll all be asking if nothing is done about the priorities. Stupid white person? Absolutely, Lebo Motshalala, I am indeed, and you can keep calling your spade a garden umbrella for the rest of your life.

These days, I'm inclined to believe that if a whore of any kind (sex, publicity, crook, legal etc) doesn't get you, you can bet your bollocks to a barn dance that politicians or gangsters will.


Simon Reader is a producer and consultant for a South African communications company. He intends to complete his first novel within the next year.The views of the writer are his own and may not be supported by the website- Editor

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