"The heart is but a pump - but without it you cannot live"
Christiaan Barnard, pioneer heart transplant surgeon.


We take our hearts for granted. We would like to introduce you to a child whose life can't be taken for granted.

WESLEY FLAVELL 17th February 2003

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2010 – It is now with baited breath that we await the result of Celebrity Survivor as our dear friend Darren Maule is participating and has choosen us as his charity

2009 - This year Wesley was invited to be part of the Vodacom tries for smiles campaign which meant he spent the morning with Wynand Olivier at Loftus

Wesley was also invited to be part of the Jenna Clifford Dream Big campaign were he hobnobbed with Jenna and Ryk Neetling

The Walter Sisulu Peadeatric Cardic Centre for Africa invited Wesley to their annual Christmas party were Wesley received a talking computer from Santa.

In October 2008 Wesley was invited to the Albertina Sisulu’s 90th birthday party held in Sandton, were the mystery surprise guest was Nelson Mandela. There only 10 children at the function of about 500 guests so the kids were invited onto the stage to meet Nelson Mandela.

In November 2007 Wesley was invited to the annual sponsors lunch were the VIP guest Albertina Sisulu and guest of honor Jean De Villers joined us (will send photos under separate cover

2005 – In April unfortunately Wesley had a stroke and diagnosed as a left hemaplegic.



October 2004
Dale and Ken have kept their promise of continuing to raise funds for any Zimbabwe heart baby who needs financial help and are very busy organising the first Wesley Flavell Foundation Golf Day which is due to take place on 25th November 2004. Two Trustees have been appointed to administer the Fund, namely Craig Schneeberger and Ross Taggart. We have attached the appeal for this golf day for your interest.


July 2004
Very sadly little Andreas Olympios passed away. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family. We are only pleased that the foundation could help in a small way while he was fighting for his life thanks to all of you.


End February 2004
Dale and Ken took the huge decision of leaving Zimbabwe and moving their family down to South Africa so that they could be nearer to Wesley’s doctors. At the end of February 2004 they packed up and moved down South.

This move has proved to be very successful. The family now live on a small farm 10kms north of Four Ways. Wesley and his sister Sasha attend the Broadacres Farm School and are both extremely happy there as you can see from Wesley’s first ever school picture.

Dale is working with her sister Robyn and Ken is busy farming which he loves.

Being close to Dr Harrisberg has given everybody great peace of mind.



Johannesburg 25 November 2003
Fate played it's hand in the most wonderful way during Wesley's operation. Dr Kingsley, the surgeon, decided to perform both operations at the same time. Wesley's strength was enough for him to make this decision.

The consequence of this decision is that Wesley will not require any further surgery and we are eternally grateful for this. The does mean though that his recovery will take a little longer than expected.

However, you can't keep a good man down. Our little miracle man has such fighting instincts that he is off the respirator as well as the dialysis machine already. The doctors expect that all of his drains will be removed to-morrow and he will then be moved directly into to Paedeatric ward - bypassing the Neo Natal ICU.

The past period has been an extremely stressful one for all the family but we could not have hoped for a better outcome for Wesley.

Thank you all once again for your incredible support, care and love. Without your prayers and love we would have floundered.



Most of us are born with 4 chambers in our hearts. Wesley Favell was born with 3.

Wesley was born to Dale and Ken in Zimbabwe on 17 February 2003. He has a heart that needs mending. Only having three chambers means that he cannot separate his oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. While Wesley is still so tiny and immobile, his body has found a way to cope. Until now, he has not needed any medication.

At 3 months, Wesley was 5,3kg. To undergo his first open heart operation, he needs to weigh 10 kg by the time he is 9 months old - November 2003. So far Wesley's progress is good and he is on course for his first operation.

Two world-renowned doctors (Drs Harrisberg and Kingsley) have set a programme for Wesley's recovery. They will need to perform a bypass operation, which will happen in two stages. The first operation must happen when Wesley is 9 months old. When he reaches 36 months, he will need another one and then barring complications, Wesley will be able to lead a relatively normal life.

Wesley lives in Zimbabwe. Their country's turmoil has been well chronicled. Open-heart surgery cannot be done in Zimbabwe. They do not have the skills or equipment. The Zimbabwe Reserve Bank has twice declined the request for foreign currency to leave the country to assist in the funding. This is a real life example of how the country's traumas can make innocent children the victims they don't deserve to be.

Wesley needs two operations, one now and another in about three years time.

For Wesley to live, he has to have the first operation. Zimbabwe Foreign Exchange clearance is not an option. His family need to raise ZAR (South African Rands) 275 000 for this operation (that's an incredible Z$65million). They only have four months in which to raise the funds. The doctors' fees and the hospital charges must be paid upfront.

We appeal to everyone to make a donation - however small it will help not just to save a child's life, it will help to give hope to the thousands of people who pray everyday that the world will notice them and take action.


Wesley's parents have committed to giving full progress to donors, which will be available on this website after the operation.

Please click 'Funds Raised' in the menu at the top of the page for an up to date look at how much has been raised so far.



All funds can be paid into the following Trust Accounts:

Standard Bank, Corner Valley/Weltevreden Road, Blackheath, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
Tel: +27 11 471 4800
Account: Wesley Flavell Heart Trust
Type of Acc: Trust
Bank: Standard Bank, South Africa
Account no: 008205353
Branch: Northcliff
Branch code: 006305

Account: Wesley Flavell Heart Foundation
Type of account: Charitable Gift
Bank: Lloyds TSB, High Street, Goring-on-Thames, RG8 9AT
Sort Code: 30-13-42
Account Number: 00259955