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Following Madonna on Instagram is officially NSFW.

(Britney, too, for that matter).

The ‘Like A Virgin’ singer posted some shots to her Instagram from a recent photoshoot, in which she poses seductively in various stages of undress on a white bed with an angel statue above it.

We know that the pop icon loves to bare a bit more than usual in the name of “art”, but it seems to still come as a shock to some of her followers.

The Daily Mail reported on some of the flak she received, with people commenting about how the shoot is inappropriate for her age (she’s 63), “classless”, or otherwise boring and pastiche.

But she also got a lot of appreciation from fans calling her a queen and commenting with flame, heart, and crown emojis.

At the end of the day, Madonna attracted a great deal of attention and I suppose that is largely the point.

Scroll through the images below to check out her full range, with her nipple and backside on display:


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While she was sharing more posts on her Instagram Stories at the time, she also shared a quote from poet Mary Oliver:

“Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue but all beautiful things have this function – to excite the viewers toward sublime thought. Glory to the world, that good teacher,” the quote goes.

Of course, breaking Instagram’s strict rules about nudity with her latest photo spree is not the only controversy that she has been involved in of late.

In an earlier Instagram post, she thanked everyone for their work on her latest project, a cover shoot and spread for V Magazine with acclaimed photographer Steven Klein:


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NewsAU reported that she received a fair amount of backlash for basically admitting to exploiting free labour in the name of art:

But the post had many asking why Madonna – who has a net worth of $US 850 million – had people on her project working “long hours for free.”

“The definition of exploitation = People working for you for free in the name of ‘art’,” read one comment which has received thousands of likes.

This just follows in the long line of other Instagram mishaps from the pop star, including the spread of COVID-19 misinformation:

As well as referring to the pandemic as “the great equaliser” while lounging luxuriously in a rose-petal-filled milk bath:

There’s been so much more where that comes from…