As the boat took on water, they managed to get five people – four passengers and a member of the crew – away from the disaster, later going back to try and save the yacht:

Meanwhile, a towing company was contracted to attempt to rescue the ship. A tugboat arrived and took the four remaining crew members — including the captain — onboard before beginning to tow the ship toward Crotone. But, according to ANSA, bad weather made the process difficult, as did the position of the yacht, which was tilted into the water.

After some time, the tugboat abandoned the yacht, allowing it to sink into the Gulf of Squillace.

See Cardi B, sometimes not even a “big boat” can save a sinking yacht:

Hopefully, the owner of My Saga was able to spend some time enjoying the open seas in luxury before the yacht went down.

Unlike the guy whose $24 million (around R390 million) Aria SF superyacht burst into flames on the water, just as he had received it from the shipyard.